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Harmful Backlinks

SEO Regulations

Search engine optimization is truly a complexed matter. Many SEO companies that work on your website can actually harm your position instead of lifting it. In the past, SEO solely relied on the number of backlinks pointing to your website. This reason the algorithm was based around this implementation was the fact if many websites mentioned your website, your website had to be popular. The more websites that linked back to your website would positively influence your ranking positions on Google and other major search engines. 

This meant that everybody was going crazy linking from thousands of different websites. Most websites even linked back from spam websites or poorly constructed websites. As time progressed, Google changed their algorithms and updated their systems to provide more accurate results for the end user, and old SEO tactics that used to work well, stopped working altogether. Many links even led to search engine bans. Today, many SEO companies implement these same old techniques which Google highly dislikes.  Linking back from specific websites will also hurt your ranking positions. Websites that should be highly avoided are Casino, Porn and Spam websites. 


SEO Solutions

Our company has experience in removing harmful backlinks from your website while we build quality backlinks to your website. You will be required to notify us if you have had previous SEO companies do work on your website, especially if they are from India. Websites that contain many bad backlinks will not be able to rank high on the search engines and websites that have been banned from Google will not be able to be indexed on Google, regardless of the SEO