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Website Optimization

The main goal of website optimization is relatively simple, and that is to comply with all of Google’s rules, so that it will give your site and its pages a high rank on the Search Engine Results Page. This may seem like simple process, but for anyone who knows a thing or two about SEO, it’s more complicated than just compliance with rules and regulations. A certain amount of work and competition are also involved. So if you’re trying to optimize your site for the first time, and you don’t know what to do, then the following tips will teach you what you need to know.
Unique Content

Unique content is an important part of website optimization, and this is because Search Engines consider copied or replicated contents as spam. In the past, this wasn’t the case and many website owners would use “black hat” SEO tactics, such as spamming the same keywords over and over again in order to raise their site’s ranking on Google’s Search Engine Results Page.

Well, the Search Engines eventually caught on to this practice and they modified their crawlers and spiders to ignore or even penalize websites that use fake, copied or low quality content. So in order to optimize your site’s competitiveness, it’s important that you develop unique and quality content for its web pages.
Offer New Content

It’s not enough to create unique content for your site. You will also need to update it regularly. Old or outdated content may occasionally get new views, but it’s the new ones that attract large volumes of traffic. Search Engines know this, which is why they will often prioritize websites which have new content over those that have nothing new to offer. So you need to understand that creating and developing a website is a never ending process. A website that doesn’t update its content is a dead site, and dead sites do not attract any attention either from their users or search engines.

Backlinks are important in website optimization because they are considered as votes of confidence by Search Engines. The assumption behind this idea is that when another site links to your site’s content, it does so because your site has something good to offer. In other words, your content is considered so useful by other parties that they are willing to refer their own audience to your site. This is why Google and other Search Engines prioritize websites that have a lot of backlinks. They believe that it’s something that offers value to people.
Good Code

Finally, you will need to make sure that your site has good coding. This is probably difficult for those who don’t understand metadata, but quality coding is necessary for website optimization. Your site’s meta-tags, for example, are very important in SEO, because faulty or malicious codes may be interpreted as “harmful” by Search Engines, and they might penalize you for that.

Likewise, all links to and from your site also need to be screened. This is because linking your site to a disreputable web page can harm its reputation among search engines. Once you have carried out these activities, however, you’ll have a much easier time implementing your SEO strategy.